I’ve heard plenty of stories over the years about how massive,  crowded,  busy and overwhelming the San Diego Comic Con is. After experiencing it first hand, I can assure you that the stories are all true. I only attended for one day and it was a everything you could ever imagine. Marvel on one side, DC on the other side, Star Wars,  Transformers, Aliens, and Superheroes of all shapes and sizes.


It was like a the world’s biggest Nerdtropolis. Personally, I felt like that same nerdy girl I was back at Space Camp all those years ago. I ended up having a fantastic time and ran into plenty of my fellow nerds from all over the world, including actor/stuntman Lewis Tan from Marvel’s Iron Fists.  Click HERE to see pics from my Comic Con experience.

Check out the video below for a pretty awesome moment of Nerdom that could only happen at San Diego Comic Con.

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