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SHERO NEWS: Shero Comics Takes Over Stan Lee’s Comic Con

It was a rainy Halloween weekend but Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con was live and in living color with over 90k attendees. Cosplayers, celebrities, media outlets, and curious onlookers filled the Los Angeles convention center for what was one of the most exciting comic cons to hit the 213.

For us, at Shero Comics, this was our inaugural Con and it couldn’t have been better. First, we released Rayven Choi Chapter #2 at the convention which was pretty awesome! New fans got a chance to grab autographed copies of the first two books in the six-part series.

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BLACK GIRL NERDS: Rayven Choi Graphic Novel Attracts International Audience, Book #2 Set to Debut at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

After witnessing a hitman brutally murder her parents, orphan Rayven Choi is quietly sent to South Korea. Twenty years of countless nightmares and crippling anxiety has left Rayven in an inescapable pit of turmoil. Until one day, she discovers evidence that may lead her to the killer. With nothing to lose, Rayven returns to America...
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