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So today is the one year anniversary since releasing Rayven Choi. Didn’t realize it until today but Earth-2 Comics was the comic shop I first entered back in 2008 when I first started kicking around the idea of turning my Rayven Choi screenplay into a comic book-graphic novel. I walked in looking for a black female led comic book series and walked out with Heroes For Hire, Black Panther and Black Widow. None of which had a black female lead.

It took six years before I would get serious and start working on the Rayven Choi series in 2014. And it was another year and a half before completing and releasing the first two books in 2016. Today was pretty much a full circle moment when the owner of Earth 2 Comics bought 11 books from me wholesale, after I spent three hours signing and selling my books and merchandise at his anti-Comic Con event, Earth 2 NonCon. So now, almost ten years since I first walked into Earth 2 Comics looking for a black female lead, she exists, I created her, and I couldn’t be more proud.

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Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite Rayven Choi: Koreamerica is the first graphic novel in the Rayven Choi series, written by Shequeta Smith. A man kneels in the woods, mocking her, daring her to pull the trigger. She is filled with so much hatred, loathing and anger. BANG! Rayven’s obsessive thoughts overwhelm her...
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SHERO NEWS: Shero Comics Takes Over Stan Lee’s Comic Con

It was a rainy Halloween weekend but Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con was live and in living color with over 90k attendees. Cosplayers, celebrities, media outlets, and curious onlookers filled the Los Angeles convention center for what was one of the most exciting comic cons to hit the 213.

For us, at Shero Comics, this was our inaugural Con and it couldn’t have been better. First, we released Rayven Choi Chapter #2 at the convention which was pretty awesome! New fans got a chance to grab autographed copies of the first two books in the six-part series.

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LOS ANGELES SENTINEL: Redefining And Creating The Vision

Diversity is the new buzz word in the entertainment industry and it’s shining a spotlight on talented men and women of color. Shequeta Smith is one of these talented individuals who is beginning to make waves in television, films and fiction. Her graphic novel series “Rayven Choi” is gaining momentum in the fiction world. Smith began...
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