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8ASIANS.COM: 8Books Review: “Rayven Choi” by Shequeta L. Smith

I’m going to let you behind-the-scenes here at 8Asians: Publishers who have any content featuring Asians usually approach the site looking for some publicity with the APIA audience. The requests are then sent out on our internal email list, I usually see them and almost all of them don’t interest me. However, when I saw the...
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SOPHISTICATED RELATIONS: Comic World Gets First Black Stand Alone Superheroine

Fans of comics and action- adventure fiction are in for an exciting treat following the launch of the new graphic novel series, Rayven Choi. The book features comics’ first standalone black superheroine and is tipped to be made into a film Written by filmmaker, Shequeta L. Smith, Rayven Choi tells the gripping story of an African-American...
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